Our story of cat breeding hobby

Our Family

Our story of cat breeding

Our Family

How it all started …

We are happy to introduce ourselves to you on our new website.

We are at home in Scharten, that is in the Eferdinger basin. We have been farming with a focus on growing fruits for many years. More specifically, we are cultivating strawberries and stone fruit. We also cultivate farmland and a forest to the best of our knowledge and belief. We have 3 sons. One of them is already working at home and that enables us to be so versatile. We are very grateful. To compensate, my husband likes to work in the forest and I try my talent in pottery and floristic work. And now to the story of how it all started.

We have long expressed a wish to keep a cat, as beautiful as the one in the Sheba advertising. Unfortunately, our eldest son has a cat allergy. After a lot of research we found out that the British Shorthair cat is ideal for sufferers from cat allergies.

Now, nothing stood in our way anymore. Our Benny finally came to our house and we were immediately overwhelmed by this breed. How can a cat have such a close connection with a human! Of course Benny sleeps in our bed with us at night, still goes on vacation with us, goes to the garden by himself, lies on the desk or on the armchair at our office and waits until we are done.

Then the idea came to start breeding cats as a hobby. Breeding in general was not foreign to us, since we also bred Great Swiss Mountain Dogs and Bernese Mountain Dogs. Of course we became a member of the KKÖ (FIFE). Right from the start, we wanted to be responsible and conscious hobby breeders. So our cat ladies Grace Kelly and Fiona moved in with us.
Grace Kelly and Fiona convinced us with their little ones what a wonderful gift it is to be able to accompany our little teddy bears for 14 weeks until they leave their nest to explore the world.

Kindness and Hollie Berry were two other cat ladies who enriched our family. We have spared no expense nor effort, and are very proud to present here our darlings of the house.

We are very careful to import our cat lines from many different countries. We understand the great importance of a high health status. Before a cat starts living at our home, our father is responsible to quarantine them in our parents’ home, 50 km away, for 14 days. A blood test is done twice and a health check is made. When we get the green light from our veterinarian (whom we would like to express our complete trust and deepest thanks), nothing will stand in the way of moving in.

We take breeding cats as a hobby very seriously. Our cats live with us in the house, which means that we have adapted our environment to the cats. We have built our own cat area, which we would like to show here in a picture. Of course it takes a lot of work and costs, but we all help together, and that’s how it works. Our family enjoys every day with our cats.

We see ourselves as serious and responsible breeders. We don’t live from cats, we live WITH our cats. It is important to us to put a smile on the face of our adoptive parents. Our kittens make it easy for us to get away from everyday life and to draw all of our attention to them. Since we are often under pressure and stress at work, our cats are the best therapy for us.

So now we have told you our story. If you have made the decision to adopt a little teddy bear, just contact us. We are happy to advise and inform you.

Lovely wishes,
Traudi and Karl Huemer

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