Good to know …

Interesting facts about British Shorthair

From their origin to the right way of keeping them
Good to know …

Interesting facts about British Shorthair

Cats keep our hearts warm when the world around us gets colder and colder.

A few facts and figures

First recordings of an exhibition of the British Shorthair in the Crystal Palace in London
A British shorthair, bred healthy, can live for 12 to 15 years
That late the breed was separated into European (slim) and British (stocky) shorthair
Origin and history

The British Shorthair is one of the oldest domestic cats bred for a certain appearance and nature. As early as 1871, the first cats were exhibited in the Crystal Palace in London under the name British Shorthair.

The British Shorthair is rather compact, compactly bred with a broad, round, almost plush head. This physique is a hallmark of all British Shorthair cats, as is their short but fine, standing fur with a good undercoat.

It caused quite a lot of confusion that the breed was only called in England ‘British Shorthair’, but with us ‘European Shorthair’ – only in 1982 the breed was separated into European (slim) and British (stocky) Shorthair.

Character and nature

British Shorthair is a pedigree cat, which is characterized by its intelligent, calm, cozy, but also playful and cuddly character.Basically, this breed is very natural and uncomplicated, and thanks to their adaptability and loving tolerance, ideal partners for the whole family.

Due to their calm, unobtrusive nature, they also get along well with other cats or pets. They tend to be very close to humans and need our affection.

British Shorthair cats like to move around in nature like any domestic cat, but their urge to do so is not particularly developed. British Shorthair cats are not very afraid of water.

The British Shorthair is easy to train. With a little help, it will be house trained quickly and easily. British Shorthair cats take a long time, sometimes up to two years to grow up.


A harmoniously built British Shorthair is round, including the head in profile. As a rule, the following characteristics are typical:

  • Height and anatomy: medium-sized, muscular, stocky, with a broad chest, strong back
  • Head: broad, round and large
  • Nose: short and wide
  • Ears: rounded tip and far apart
  • Eyes: large, round, with a large distance
  • Tail: rather short
  • Legs: short and stocky
  • Weight: cat 3.5 – 4.5 kg; Male cats: 5.5 – 7 kg
    Fur length: short and dense with good undercoat
  • Fur colors: all colors (FIFe: without cinnamon / fawn)
  • Eye colors: depending on coat color they are blue, odd eyed, green or copper / dark orange

The Fédération Internationale Féline allows practically all fur colors. A British Blue, for example, with bright yellow eyes, has an extremely aesthetic and impressive appearance.

Care and health

The fur of a British Shorthair only needs to be combed or brushed once a week. This ritual can be used to strengthen the social bond between animals and humans. This is emotionally very important for the cat.

A varied and balanced diet, tailored to age and activity, helps the cat to stay healthy and vital. Please note that there should be no artificial flavors and no preservatives in the food.

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