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British Shorthair Cats

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British Shorthair Cats

Cats love people much more than they want to admit, but they have the wisdom to keep it to themselves.

Mary E. Wilkins Freeman

Our cat breeding hobby

After our great passion, dog breeding, we have also been dedicated to cat breeding as a hobby for several years.

Since 2016, our family has two new British Shorthair cat ladies who have been sweetening our everyday lives:  Grace Kelly and Fiona von Landstein.


Traudi gave us an adorable baby cat, who has grown into a handsome lady.
The best decision for our whole family.

Sandra Kipper

We’ve been looking for a British Shorthair for a long time and thanks to Traudi we got a totally trustful and lovely kitten. It is healthy and simply adorable.

Georg & Fiona T.

After our beloved cat died, we never thought we would find such a lovely and friendly being again. But thanks to Ms. Huemer, we have a new family member.

Fam. Dorfer

Why British Shorthair?

Are you looking for a cat that perfectly complements you and your family with its calm and balanced character? Furthermore, do you have the conditions that keeping is only possible in the house / apartment? Then a British Shorthair should be perfect for you.

With its adorable appearance, thick, soft fur, and big eyes, this breed is just for loving!

The British Shorthair is an uncomplicated and playful, simple companion who also gets along with children or other four-legged friends. Children love their sweet nature and their strong relationship to humans, which comes naturally for this breed.


Interesting information …

… about their origin

The British Shorthair is one of the oldest domestic cats bred for a certain appearance and nature. As early as 1871 the first cats were exhibited in the Crystal Palace in London under the name British Shorthair and were already popular at that time.

… about their character

The British Shorthair is the relaxed type among the domestic cats. Hustle and bustle are unnatural for this breed.

This breed will remind you of a teddy and is so happy to be cuddled and stroked, just like a teddy bear.

… about how to keep them

British Shorthair cats are also very undemanding due to their cozy character and they are ideal to be kept in an apartment.

They establish a very close connection to humans or need another animal partner.


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